Considering the still growing transport between the United Kingdom and the Continent, Cobelfret has completed the delivery of their serie of six new-buildings, which were ordered in Japan by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Cobelfret Ferries Zeebrugge - Purfleet services shows a steady growth, Purfleet is situated on the north bank of the river Thames, only 15 miles from London.

The frequency on the Purfleet route has been increased to six daily sailings in both directions.

Cobelfret expected to carry 320.000 trailers and 510.000 cars in 2000 between the ports at the river Thames and Zeebrugge.

At the moment Cobelfret Ferries operates 13 multi-purpose roro vessels on their routes between the Continent and the United Kingdom.

Following the contract with StoraEnso, more ships are put into service on the new Zeebrugge - Gothenburg ferry service which has started on 15 November 1999.

From 23 April 2001 Cobelfret Ferries is starting a new service Rotterdam-Purfleet, in the near future the company wants to offer two daily sailings.

Cobelfret already runs a daily service Rotterdam-Immingham, both services will be handled on the Rotterdam terminal.


ZEEBRUGGE-IMMINGHAM (cars, trailers, RoRo freight, one daily sailing)

ZEEBRUGGE-PURFLEET (cars, trailers, RoRo freight, four daily sailings)

ZEEBRUGGE-DAGENHAM (FORD-service, two sailings per day)

ZEEBRUGGE-SHEERNESS (one sailing per week)

ZEEBRUGGE-GOTEBORG (StoraEnso-Cobelfret service, three sailings per week)

ROTTERDAM-IMMINGHAM (one daily sailing)

ROTTERDAM-PURFLEET (one daily sailing).

Tack till Hans Neels som hjälpt mig sammanställa Cobelfret Ferries.